Accomplishments of Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is known to all in the sector of car manufacturing. He is currently serving as the President along with the Chief executive officer of National Steel Car. This is a company that is making huge profits today. Gregory J Aziz was born in London in 1949. He was born in a picturesque place called Ontario. He had a happy childhood as he had a good home and a stable family. He joined the Ridley College. Later on, he went to the University of Western Ontario and studied economics. This helped him to have a strong foundation so that he could run a successful business later on. After completing his studies, James Aziz decided to work with his family at their food company.


Gregory J Aziz helped his family to grow and prosper. Under him, the sales of the company rose up. This is because Greg Aziz is a dedicated as well as a hard-working person. Hence, he would be a valuable resource to any company. He has proved this many times over.

Gregory J Aziz decided to leave his family food company in order to be a banker. He worked for various banks where he held different positions. He did this for ten years. This experience served as an important tool as it helped him to achieve success in business. He left the banking industry in 1994 to d join the National Steel Car.

This company belonged to Dofasco at that time. James Aziz contributed in a significant manner to acquire this company. He always had huge plans for this company. He wanted to turn it into a global industry as the company was known only in Canada at that time. Within the next few years, the sales at National Steel Car grew from 3000 to 12000. In this way, the company created jobs for the local people due to its expansion. See Related Info Here.


National Steel Car continues to rise and increase its profits. This is due to the vision and leadership skills of Greg Aziz. This is the only company in North America that is ISO certified in this sector. National Steel Car has built a reputation for the excellent quality of its products. Their rail cars are of the highest possible quality and standards. Greg Aziz has always focused on the quality of its rail cars. He knew that high quality would lead to more customers and huge sales eventually.

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