Ashley At Lightspeed Venture Partners: Ashley Brasier

Ashley Lightspeed started off as an architect like her dad but then switched to making prototype business ideas. She joined Thumbtack’s team as a Category Manager, who is responsible for growth with the Events & Weddings category. Her ability to prototype as a tool to gather feedback is a key situation in the entrepreneur’s toolkit. Ashley Lightspeed then managed to leave Thumbtack to study at Stanford GSB while exploring how to start her own company while doing consulting projects for startups as a means of supporting herself. She knows several industries at once and made Lightspeed as her next move.

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Ashley Lightspeed has a Bachelor’s degree from Duke University in Visual and Media studies as well as Marketing and Management, and an MBA from Stanford. Lightspeed is a company built by people who do things while maintaining an understanding of where things are headed. Lightspeed believes in working well with people of different ages, all over the world. Lightspeed has resources in Silicon Valley, Israel, China, and India. Lightspeed has hired more partners, 50% of which are female, such as Jana Messerschmidt, and Merci Victoria Grace, not excluding Jerry Ye and Jay Madheswaran, and Neetzan Zimmerman. Messerschmidt came from Twitter as vice president of global business development and platform, having held business at Netflix and Divx.

Her first job was at Bain & Company, and consulting allowed her work-life balance. She also worked with two start-ups on growth strategy, start-ups such as Fundbox and Betterup, a financial tech company and a wellness firm, respectively. Ashley’s day begins at 6:00 a.m. as a learned morning person, not a natural morning person. She commutes from San Francisco to Menlo Park offices, and to avoid traffic to San Francisco she manages to schedule a dinner with friends in downtown Palo Alto.