AvaTrade Separates Itself from The Pack

AvaTrade is an online Forex company and broker of CFDs headquartered in Ireland. The company was originally established under the name AvaFX in 2006. The company provides services for the trading of Bitcoin, Exchange Traded Funds commodities and other investment vehicles.


AvaTrade has grown rapidly in its time in existence and services 200,000 accounts around the world. The company regularly facilitates more than $2 million in monthly transactions. AvaTrade possesses a solid financial backing and is focused on bringing value to its clients. The client has parlayed this support and approach to a full menu of products and services that continues to satisfy customers.


The AvaTrade platform is available 24 hours a day and employs a multilingual staff to provide support to its clients on an unlimited basis.


In addition to their headquarters in Dublin, Irelan, AvaTrade also maintains offices in Shanghai, Paris, South Africa, Sydney, Nigeria, Milan, Tokyo, and Mongolia.




The biggest concern of individuals in the online trading industry is whether or not the broker that is proposing to provide trade services can be relied upon. This is not a concern with AvaTrade. The company has been providing brokerage services for more than 10 years now and has been able to establish a well-chronicled history of integrity and reliability in their business transactions.


AvaTrade is a broker that adheres to heavy regulations and has been licensed in a number of jurisdictions including the European Union, Australia, the British Virgin Islands, and Japan.


Further evidence of the company’s track record is the awards and recognitions AvaTrade has garnered during their time in existence.




The variety of trading platforms offered by AvaTrade is the main attraction to the company’s customers. Clients can choose from any of the eight platforms the company offers and these platforms have also been made available on mobile devices.


In an effort to empower beginners AvaTrade provides trading platforms that have been automated so that the novice can increase their chances of being profitable. Inexperienced traders find this tool to be a great help due to the fact that it provides the opportunity to follow the transactions of traders with more knowledge and experience.


About The Company


AvaTrade is a highly respect Forex broker that is committed to offering tailor-made solutions for trading to traders of all knowledge and experience levels.