Beachbody, a Pathway to Fitness

ShakeologyCarl Daikeler’s mission is to help everyone on their pathway to fitness. The early part of his career included many years in the production of NFL halftime shows, followed by about eight years in the infomercial industry. His work in that industry led to an observation that a lot of people were buying fitness products to use at home. After thinking about it, Daikeler realized people were doing this for a few reasons. There’s the hassle factor of going to the gym. For a person who’s overweight, there’s also the feeling of shame or embarrassment.

Daikeler wanted to help people who were ready to start their journey to fitness. That’s why he created the Beachbody program. At first, Carl Daikeler started with about 10 DVDs that people could buy and use at home. The DVDs proved to be so popular that he produced more workouts. He starred in many of them, and he continues to be featured in his company’s workouts today. By 2015, there were more than 300 workout videos in the Beachbody collection.

The same year, Carl Daikeler started the Beachbody on Demand service. A subscriber could queue any video in the collection and work out anywhere with an internet connection. The 2018 launch of OpenFit, an app for the program, offered ways for participants to connect with each other and to link up with health coaches. Both the streaming service and the app grew wildly popular in 2020.


Nutrition is also a passion of Carl Daikeler. That’s why he and his associates developed Shakeology. It complements the workouts offered in the Beachbody program. Daikeler noted that the typical American’s diet lacks fiber, vitamins and nutrients and exceeds the daily recommended allowance of sugar, salt and calories. Shakeology is a protein powder. Participants can pick whey or plant protein as the base. The powder contains lots of soluble and insoluble fiber for digestion.

Shakeology can function as a meal replacement for people who are on-the-go. The shakes can also be the centerpiece of a meal. Shakeology is available in chocolate, salted caramel, cafe latte and other delectable flavors.