Bernardo Chua Puts His Time Into Social Media Marketing

Bernardo Chua has been able to make waves with Organo Gold and the wide assortment of products that are part of this brand. The company that started with coffee is expanding into nutritional shake mixes and other concepts like health care products for the skin.

All of the different things that become part of the makeup for Organo Gold will give people a lot of new insight on how this company is growing. What Bernardo Chua does is post all of these different products on Facebook.

People that utilize Facebook can go to his page and see information about the premium coffee and the plethora of tea blends that are available.

It is easy for people to find out more information through Twitter and the various social media communities where people are buzzing about this unique blend of coffee.

Consumers can even go to Amazon and buy products that are originated by Organo Gold. This is how popular this brand has become thanks to Bernardo Chua and all of the online marketing that he has done. What he did through his social media post is let consumers know about the process that goes into making the gourmet coffee and the other products that are sold under this brand.

Organo Gold is now offering detox support products as well, and all of this goes back to the original ganoderma mushroom that was used for the start up products. This is something that has been well known and documented in Asian culture, and now this healing agent that Bernardo has brought to the mainstream. He become a source of intrigue for consumers. Visit for more info.

Everyone wants to know more about the healing agent of the ganoderma mushroom. Bernardo is well aware that consumers are fascinated with this, and he has put forth a great effort to make this mushroom a part of the ingredients for a wide multitude of different products. That is why he has been so successful with the creation of the Organo Gold brand. He knew how to entice consumers to see his product line as something different from his competitors.

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