Brian Torchin And HCRC Staffing: Offering High Quality Employment Services

Brian Torchin is the founder, president and CEO of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based HCRC Staffing. The company has an excellent reputation for proving healthcare and legal services companies all around the world with high-quality, well-qualified temporary and permanent staff members. Torchin’s background is in health and fitness. He has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware and a DC in chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. He spent 7 years with Practice Management Incorporated as director of medical marketing before founding HCRC Staffing in 2007.

While working at Practice Management Inc., Brian Torchin became aware of the dire need for reliable, qualified, medical professionals and support staff to work in the global healthcare industry. Drawing on his connections in the healthcare industry, Torchin was able to recruit, prescreen and compile a database of a large number of excellent health services workers. Today, HCRC Staffing is an employment industry leader that provides staffing solutions for over 200 medical facilities, private practices and urgent care centers throughout the U.S., Canada, Asia, Australia and Europe. Visit SlideShare to know more.

Brian Torchin’s work not only benefits the businesses he serves in the healthcare sector, but also provides lucrative employment opportunities for healthcare professionals. HCRC Staffing has developed a stellar reputation for its search services, career consultation and the ability to provide its clients with experienced healthcare professionals with the ideal skillset to meet the demands of the position to be filled. Torchin has also played a seminal role in Healthcare Recruitment Counselors’ development and growth.

In addition to offering comprehensive employment solutions and a well-qualified candidate pool, Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing have become leaders in the staffing industry because of their fast, efficient, service and ability to link employers with the ideal job candidate in 72 hours or less. HCRC Staffing has expanded to include providing the legal community with staffing services as well.

long with his elite staffing services, Brian Torchin has an avid readership for his helpful blogs. He regularly write on healthcare, employee training, workplace issues and other employment related topics. Brian Torchin’s blogs are a very valuable source of important information.