Brilliant Brazilian Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen: The Pride Of Curitiba

When most people think of Curitiba, Brazil, they picture its colorful flowers, paths, ponds, as well as its sweet-smelling art nouveau greenhouse and great quality of life. But Curitiba is also the birthplace of Igor Cornelsen, Brazil’s best investment advisor. Before becoming involved in investing, Cornelsen was studying to become an engineer at the Federal University of Parana. After 2 years, he deiced to do economics instead. That put him om a path that led him to work with a series of Brazilian and British investment banks and eventually becoming the chief executive officer of one of them.

Cornelsen remained in the banking industry for 20 years. This helped to give him a unique understanding of the financial markets around the world. When he opened his investment advisory company, Cornelsen became known for his extensive research. The combination of experience and extensive research has resulted in Igor Cornelsen being head and shoulders above his competition when it comes to helping his clients make money consistently. Cornelsen already had a sterling reputation for guiding investors when he worked with several investment banks, he enjoyed even more success when he started his own firm. Follow Igor on Twitter.

Cornelsen has provided excellent investment advice for private individuals as well as large corporations like Burger King. He has an uncanny ability to identify lucrative investments for his clients before his competitors even know they exist. Cornelsen explains that he does his own research and doesn’t pay attention to the opinions of so-called ‘experts’. That policy has allowed his clients to beat the crowd into and out of investment vehicles and enabled them to makes lots of money. Plus, the way Igor Cornelsen has them diversify their investment portfolio, it seems like his clients are always getting dividends.

After over 40 years in the financial services industry, Cornelsen now spends much of his time playing golf. However, as a principal in Bainbridge Investments Incorporated, he still provides valuable investments advice to clients. Just like living in Curitiba, when Cornelsen is your financial advisor you have the opportunity to earn income that affords you an excellent quality of life.

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