Bruno Fagali Talks about the Changing Perception towards Compliance by Brazilian Corporates

Bruno Fagali, a leading attorney and compliance manager, says that there is a change in the perception towards compliance by the Brazilian companies in the recent years. It is due to the anti-corruption law – 12.846 / 13 – that demands the companies to adopt corporate integrity programs or compliance programs. Fagali further added that the new law has provision to penalize the corporates for harmful or fraudulent that are affecting the foreign public administration or national institutions. It includes all types of illegal activities such as corruption, the formation of cartels, frauds on bidding, and more. Bruno Fagali says that the changed environment has forced most of the Brazilian companies to go for compliance programs. Earlier, the executives of the corporations were only penalized for wrong practices.

Additionally, it became a major responsibility of corporations in the recent years. Bruno Fagali says that the work includes detecting and treating chances of illegal acts and unethical conducts in the company and with its partners. Though there are no clear policies in the case of partners, it is always highly advisable to include them in the definition of compliance otherwise it might lead to unusual scandal cases involved by them. For that purpose, Fagali advises the corporations to frame some set of practices for the sector that includes partner compliances with respect to the law of the country and verification of CNAE activities of the partner. Additionally, corporations should monitor other activities of the partner including whether they abide the child labor or slave labor laws.

Bruno Fagali is a leading compliance expert in Brazil and the founder of FAGALI advocacy. He also assumed the role of the Corporate Integrity Manager of NOVA / SB – a prominent advertising firm in Brazil. Fagali is responsible for the Corporate Integrity Program in NOVA / SB and conducted training for different offices of the ad agency, considering its significant number of contract with government agencies and international organizations.

Bruno Fagali completed his specialized graduation in Administrative Law from PUC / SP-Cogeae and FGV-Gvlaw. He also earned his master’s in Law from USP. Fagali serves on the advisory boards of the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics and known as an expert in Anti-Corruption Law, Electoral Law, Advertising Law, and more.

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