Business and Financial Expert- Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is known for his expertise in Finance and administration officer. Mr. Kevin is known for his efforts to grow new busineses as well as meeting the goals of already established ventures. His expertise does not only help organizations grow but it is also of a great benefit to the East Coast communities. He has gained experience and knowledge in the finance sector and currently he is the Vice President of Newark Economic Development Corporation. The State of New Jersey knows Kelvin for his reorganizing strategies of companies. After high school, Kevin knew he wanted to pursue a course in finance, and he went to further his education at Rocklands University and graduated with Bachelors’ degree in accounting and an MBA from Almeda University. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

Before joining Newark Economic Development Corporation, Mr. Kevin Seawright was the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Baltimore Public School for 6 years a position he was given for his hard work and dedication to the community. After his service at Baltimore Public School, he joined Tito General Contractors to serve as the Vice President of Operation and Human Capital, and the Executive Director of Operations for Maryland. His love for people as well as small businesses gave him the position at Tito General Construction, based in Washington DC. Seawright is a leader who does things differently, he loves acting a go-between who acts on behalf of the staffs and their managers in case of any conflict or questions he is always there to solve.

Seawright Kevin has been a source of good results in every company he has worked for. His career which he has had more than 13 years of experience began when he was working at city park and recreation department and he was responsible for managing public funds, and also the quality of parks. One of his achievements is the introduction of the Citistat software which analyzed all the departments and how they were being operated. He is not a corporate leader but he has also served in various board as a member among them; Babe Ruth Museum, as well as National Forum for Black Public Administrators. View: