Buy Whatever You Want Within a Video Through Shopatainment and DroppTV

Shopatainment is a totally new concept within the world of e-commerce. The idea is that you can meld the concept of watching a video with the concept of buying something. The company droppTV has recently hit the scene, and their CEO, a guy named Rai, had the idea that videos often use advertisements in a way that turns viewers off.

He was watching a Drake video once, wanted to buy a jacket he saw but found he couldn’t do so. He then created droppTV to help address this problem. Artists can now make music videos that feature products that you can actually purchase right through the video, all without being too disruptive.

This means, that instead of having your video experience suddenly interrupted by an advertisement butting in, you can just click on products you want, and a separate window will open, allowing you to do that, all while allowing the original video to keep playing. As a result, there are no overlays, no redirects, no distracting pop-ups to make a viewer think that the whole thing isn’t really worth the bother.

Ads aren’t cool, and whether something is cool or not tends to dominate what videos people watch. By doing it this way, the shopatainment approach to marketing can give both marketers and consumers what they want. It gives everyone what they want, essentially.

Marketers can connect to people who may want to actually buy something they see in the video, viewers who don’t want anything can keep watching the video, and consumers can choose whether they want to buy the thing or not, without feeling pressured.

Gone are the days where consumers are keen on hard-selling tactics and being bullied into buying something they don’t want. More and more, viewers don’t want the feeling of sellers being inauthentic. They roll their eyes at those who pretend they are wearing something because they like it when there’s clearly a monetary impetus instead.

This means that marketing can be what people have always dreamed it could be, largely invisible unless you’re truly interested. It’s catering to your needs instead of trying to force them on you. This means that content creators can use the DroppTv platform to create content and monetize it in a natural way outside of traditional advertising, which is already viewed as problematic and irritating by more modern audiences anyway. The hard sell is a thing of the past, with shopotainment being the future.