Luke Lazarus Consulting

Luke Lazarus is a business consultant and entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience in the IT industry. He has experienced many projects, ranging from start-up successes to highly complex and legacy systems. He enjoys playing guitar, cycling, and reading books in his spare time. Check out: Luke Lazarus Partners with Father to Improve Sydney […]

Andrew Brooks is Reviving New York City With Fashion

  During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, former hedge fund trader and founder of New York based style brand VIANEL, Andrew Brooks created “Sinclair Global” to kick NYC fashion into the post-pandemic world. After selling out the first few releases, Sinclair launched the brand’s most-hyped collections yet with “Clair Bear” and “Gala” on December […]

Key Contributions of Mark Hauser in the Private Equity Industry

Do you ever know how or why private businesses and organizations perform at a high level compared to public companies? Well, there is only one secret to this sensation. And you are about to find out how private entity has bestowed investment strategies; by acquiring sky-rocketing deals in several industries such as healthcare and digital […]

Luke Lazarus Turns Down Lucrative Opportunities Just to Impact Struggling Businesses and Startups

Many businesspeople clearly understand that launching a business is not a walk in the park. So does Australian consulting firm owner and entrepreneur Luke Lazarus. Lazarus depicts that turning a competitive business to register significant profits is also an immense challenge. Despite the numerous challenges posed in establishing a new business, Lazarus launched and operated […]

 Eterneva Brings Memorial Diamonds to Vermont and  New Hampshire

Eterneva is out to impact everyone’s life with its memorial diamonds; for this reason, it has partnered with relevant companies like funeral homes. Its most recent partnership is with the renowned Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium. Since the two companies share a common goal to make the grieving process easy, the partnership is one of […]