GCW Reviews.

GULF COAST IS A PILLAR OF SOCIETY “outstanding leaders in the oil and energy industry. Their staff is very forward-thinking, and everyone who works here has a great attitude.” This comment is among the many impressive Gulf Coast Western reviews posted by clients about Gulf Coast Western (GCW). GCW is a company specializing in acquiring […]

Philip Belamant Is Building the Most Empowering Way To Pay In The World

The Epitome Success History of Philip Belamant at Zilch Philip Belamant is the CEO and co-founder of London-based Zilch. He has launched various flourishing payments industry firms. Belamant acquired his success in the transpiring African market. Belamant’s market intelligence and resourcefulness in the African region made him invent electronic payment systems where vital digital infrastructure […]

 The Future of Activision CEO Robert Kotick

Bob Kotick, the CEO of Activision Blizzard, was successfully re-elected to serve for another year on the board of directors. This decision was reached during the annual shareholder meeting of the company. The re-election of Activision CEO succeeded despite controversies and ongoing litigation about workplace harassment that involve Kotick. He received more than 533 million […]