Chris Burch: CEO Takes Creative Approach Towards Investment Opportunities

In the world of investment strategies, an individual must possess certain traits. The investor requires the ability to thoroughly research potential opportunities and forecast constantly changing trends in the marketplace. The savvy investor must be able to take risks and be cautiously optimistic at the same time.

Chris Burch practically wrote the book on what it takes to be a successful investment strategist; and after more than forty years of experience, Chris Burch continues to amaze his clients and colleagues with a growing portfolio that is a shining reflection on this investment genius.

Burch Creative Capital was founded by Chris Burch almost thirty years ago, and he is currently the CEO of this thriving investment company. Chris Burch has built this business on the premise of a creative thinking process that has served him well since his early days in the clothing industry.

A prime example of how Chris Burch has achieved such a great level of success in his business ventures can be attributed to the diversity in his company’s portfolio, see ( Burch has made major investments in the often unpredictable hotel and resort industry. Yet, his track record of success in these industries shows Burch’s ability to see possibilities where other investors see only risk.

Visualizing business opportunities is only part of the equation when it comes to Burch’s reputation for making sound investment decisions. Chris Burch also has a keen eye when it comes to human talent. Burch is known for his open-mindedness when it comes to receiving input from the people who work for him. Chris Burch has an open door policy when it comes to exploring the ideas of those he surrounds himself with. There is no such thing as a bad idea, just one that has not been discovered yet.

Chris Burch understands that managing an investment firm comes with a certain amount of inherent risk; however, Burch refuses to live in fear of that risk. Burch understands that a sound investment strategy has more to do with research, experience, and instinct. That is why Chris Burch has continued to be a success in this risky business, learn more information on