Chris Burch’s Fresh Take on Creative Capital

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital which finds funding for ideas to bring greater possibilities to the world. A self-described naturally curious person, Burch says he is always studying the world that surrounds him. He doesn’t have typical days. Chris Burch can be headed for a dramatically new destination any day. Good ideas according to him start with having good people that have a passion to execute. Oddly enough, a trend that really excites him is the tiny house movement and his worst job was when he was 13 years old working for his father’s construction company, see ( Some lessons that he has to share are the usefulness of his ability to read people to make him more productive, his advice to his younger self to follow his dreams, his advice to always listen, the importance of taking risks in growing his business, and the way he deals with failures. He deals with failures by going through three stages of first mourning, then reflection and then understanding and takes full credit for them so he can have greater clarity in the future, learn more information on Some interesting quirks about him is his dismay that women do not sit on public toilets and the best 100 dollars he spent recently was on two dozen baseball hats for the Wish, which he says has revolutionized sourcing and improved how customers can directly find products. As someone in the mind of the customer, he uses gadgets more than software and he has great respect for Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Ross. Finally, I would like to add that he recommends the book Bold by Peter Diamandis. A colorful character in his way of life Burch seems like a very astute businessman with a flair for understanding the important aspects of life and the world around him. This information was taken from the article on Chris Burch from

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