Dave Antrobus Thoughts on Technology Use during the Pandemic

Dave Atrobus.The pandemic has caused a technology explosion, and businesses are rushing to incorporate it to succeed. Although many businesses had started to adopt some technology in their everyday operations, Dave Antrobus, the Fresh Thinking Group co-founder, believes that COVID-19 has reinforced the need to move forward, offering efficient quality-driven goods and services to their clients.

Technology Employment Impact

Fresh Thinking Group co-founder Dave Antrobus hailed the technology rush stating it has benefited companies as many employees can plan their lives around family values. The morale boost has been at an all-time high as work is scheduled around day-to-day routines and family life for the first time. The impact on employment opportunities has also significantly increased. Startups can make their mark on a global scale by scaling digital platforms. Companies are feeling the depth of this impact with speeding production processes. Professional collaborations with the same idea are also easier with the touch of a button.

Business Evolution

Technology evolution is changing at the speed of light. Businesses seeking to survive, thrive, and dominate markets have been forced to move almost completely online to not only stay afloat but create new products for the market. In a survey compiled by the Fresh Thinking Group co-founder, Dave Antrobus, all businesses and companies that made profound changes using technology could stay afloat when the pandemic hit. Businesses that further digitized customer services, supply chain interactions, and operations could record a profit. Predictably all businesses that made the jump immediately have dominated the digital market space.

Embracing Remote Working Culture

On the perspective that Dave Antrobus holds regarding successfully running a business dealing with software development, it’s common to note that that employees feel they have more freedom without the micromanagement that an office environment brings. Employees are reported to be working overtime without feeling the need for more pay or were less tired. Businesses shifting to remote working could finish projects faster than their counterparts who still have an office set up.

Beyond COVID-19, the Fresh Thinking Group expert Dave Antrobus advises all businesses to make long-term changes incorporating technology into the businesses. Meeting customer needs effectively during the pandemic, post-pandemic will help keep low running costs. The employees will also gain healthy routines leading to labor retention due to happier employees.