Desiree Perez: A Hero in the Music Industry and the World

Desiree Perez has spent her career building Roc Nation into the full-service entertainment company it is today. When she first started back in 2008, she was bolstered by only four other founders. Under her guidance, the company has grown exponentially, both in numbers and in the impact it has had on the world. In 2019, co-founder Jay-Z officially honored her with the title of CEO. Although prestigious, the much-deserved position doesn’t mean as much to Desiree Perez as it would to most people. To her, it’s still about the difference she’s making in the industry and the world. Throughout her life, she has used her power and influence to lift others around her. She is a well-established advocate for people of color. She and ROC Nation, have worked intimately for more than ten years with families who have been affected by police brutality. She and the company also have a scholarship fund to help young people of color who desire to go to college but have challenges in their lives that otherwise would prevent them from getting a higher education and more

Desiree Perez has skillfully leveraged her position in life to lift Roc Nation and a generation of people around her in a way that has impacted millions. Her example of female leadership, compassion, and the importance of advocating for others, has had a profound effect on those who have known her during her lifetime. She has bravely used her life to carve a path for many to follow. Undoubtedly, the powerful influence of Desiree Perez will ripple into many generations to come.