Dick DeVos: The Man Behind The Woman

The DeVos family has been making headlines left and right for the past two months. This is nothing new to them. However, the national scrutiny of this family has never been this intense. The reason for this, in case you have been under a rock, is the nomination of Mrs. Betsy DeVos to the Trump Administration’s Cabinet as Secretary of Education. Many people see this as a bad thing, however it could very well turn out to be a great thing for our education system.


I recently read an article about the DeVos family, more specifically Dick DeVos, on MLive.com. The article was written by Shandra Martinez and published on January 09, 2017. The article was titled; “Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos Lift A Veil On Their $139 Million Philanthropy.” This article shed a whole new light on the DeVos family.


This article discussed the vast amount of money that the entire DeVos family has donated to charitable causes over the years. The majority of these charitable donations was given to various schools and scholarship funds for educational purposes in Michigan. In fact, over a quarter of their annual contributions go directly to various schools in Michigan. They even contribute to a school in New Mexico.


Dick and Betsy DeVos’ views on education, and how to reform the current system, was also briefly discussed. The DeVos’, like many Americans, feel that all children should be able to get the same quality of education regardless of where they live. This view is why the couple strongly support open school choice and the school voucher programs.


Dick DeVos has dedicated his entire adult life to business entrepreneurship and bettering the education system in Michigan. Dick DeVos grew up attending public school in The Forest Hills school district. He then attended college at Northwood University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. During his schooling he held various jobs at the family’s business, Amway. After school he became one of the Vice Presidents of the company and helped it expand immensely. He even held position of President of the company from 1993-2002.


In addition to his various business positions, Mr. DeVos has held many positions on various educational boards. In fact, Mr. DeVos has even held a position on the Michigan State School Board. He has established various scholarships to help underprivileged children and started the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Mr. DeVos is also an avid advocate for health care reform and revitalizing communities.


In a world of so many seemingly selfish people it is refreshing to read about someone like Dick DeVos. He has dedicated his life, and mass fortune, to helping people better their lives. There should certainly be more people like the DeVos family in this world.


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