Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder and chief operating officer of the make-up conglomerate and highly recognized brand: Lime Crime. A fearless entrepreneur, the Russian native moved to New York City as a teenager to pursue her passion. She began her stint as a successful businesswoman by selling clothing on e-bay. Later, Deere was able to expand on her line and incorporate cosmetics and other beauty products.

The name Lime Crime clearly resonates with the vibrant businesswoman. The brand was patterned after Deere’s favorite color and she is often quoted as saying that it should be a crime to wear such funky colors. However, Deere fully embraces the uniqueness of her brand and is often photographed with eclectic costumes, sassy make-up and colorful wigs. She believes in the power of self-expression and uses her product lines to empower women.

In addition to their focus on self-expression and independence, Lime Crime has received recognition as a healthy and humane brand. The company’s products are all made with natural ingredients and the business does not test the products on animals. The naturalness of the products appeals to a broad audience and activates many health benefits. The products help reduce wrinkles and aging helping women lead healthy, individual lives.

While Deere has achieved international success, she is also an avid philanthropist. She enjoys volunteering and giving to causes like animal rescue and women’s rights. Deere is especially passionate about inspiring women in business. She has served as a guest speaker on multiple occasions at the Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and encourages women of all ages to interact with her on social media.

In terms of general business advice, Deere is passionate about the customer. According to Deere, listening to the customer (as well as the employee) is one of the most valuable lessons in business. For a predominantly online business this advice rings especially true. Learn more:

Overall, Lime Crime’s brand and product line has grown leaps and bounds since its inception in 2008. The company continues to look for unique ways to expand their line and reach an even more diverse audience. With the leadership and innovative attitude of Doe Deere and the rest of her team, its no doubt the company will continue to find success in this competitive market. Learn more: