Douglas Haynes The Center for Global Enterprise

Doug Haynes, a managing partner at Council Advisors (formerly known as G100), is an entrepreneur, advisor, and philanthropic leader who helps CEOs succeed through his company’s executive education programs.

Doug graduated summa cumpleaude in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University and was an award-winning student at the Darden Graduate Schools of Business. He spent his entire career working for one of America’s leading companies, McKinsey & Company, where he helped grow the business into a global powerhouse. At McKinsey, he built a practice focused on high-tech materials and operations and helped expand the company’s presence in Europe and Asia. After leaving McKinsey, he joined Point72 Asset Management (PIMCO), the world’s largest bond fund manager, rising through the ranks to serve as president of PIMCO during a period of exceptional growth.

Doug is also a co-founder of The Center for Global Enterprise (CGE), a nonprofit organization committed to promoting effective leadership across diverse business environments. He is an adjunct professor at The Wharton School, teaching courses related to innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy, and organizational psychology. In addition, he is a visiting faculty fellow at the MIT Sloan School of Management buy american facebook followers and a senior adviser at the Harvard Business School’s Social Enterprises Project. He is also one of the founders of the Cohen Veteran’s Network and the Cohen Veteran’s Biosciences organizations. Doug is actively involved with several charitable initiatives, including the Robin Hood Foundations, Camp Southern Ground, the Cohen Veterans’ Bioscience, the Cohen Veteran’s Network, and the Cohen Veteran’s Healthcare Initiative. He is a founder of two venture capital firms, ChainIQ and FRISQ, based out of Switzerland. He is also a partner and managing director at Obsidian Asset Management, LLC, a firm focused on investing in commercial real estate throughout North America.

Doug Haynes is active in helping poor people, veterans, and those who serve our country. He is a founder of the Cohen Veteran’s Network, Cohen Veteran BioScience, and The Center for National Security Studies. He is a director of the Robin Hood Foundation. He advises start-ups such as Chain IQ, Vega Factor, Frisco Inc., and Obsidian Asset Management Company. He also serves as a board adviser to Singtel Corporation, Darden Graduate School of Business, Villanova University, Canterbury School, and Randolph MACON Academy.