Dr. Jennifer Walden: Among the Best Plastic Surgeons in America

When it comes to the plastic surgery sector, Dr Jennifer Walden is among the best in the industry. As a matter of fact, she was honorably featured on an American Airlines magazine for being among the best plastic surgeons in America. Recently, she relocated her heavily-engaged practice from New York City to Austin, Texas. In part, this was largely in conjunction with the fact that she aspired to have her twin children, Houston and Rex, be around their family members in Texas. With an all female team spreading positivity and encouragement, Dr. Jennifer Walden dignifies her practice on being established upon passion and empowerment. While she is an extremely professional and successful plastic surgeon, she is also considered to be very personable; often deemed as an admirable doctor in the plastic surgery industry.

Although she is excellent at her job, Dr. Jennifer Walden not only aspires for her clients to look their best, but also feel confident and jovial. This is especially true considering her patients’ 4.9 out of 5 star reviews, with over 500 different testimonials. Among the most popular services offered at her practice include cosmetic, or facial plastic surgery. The incentive for this procedure is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sun-damage, lines and sagging skin, which ultimately results in a healthy and younger looking skin. Additionally, some other services offered at Dr. Walden’s practice include breast reconstruction, bodily plastic surgery, hair restoration, injectables, non-invasive aesthetic treatments, skin-rejuvenation, vaginal-rejuvenation, IV hydration therapy, health and wellness services and sexual wellness.

At her newly acquired practice, Dr. Jennifer Walden and her dedicated team members offer numerous services at this new convenient location MedSpa in Northeast Hills, which is located at 3918 Far West Blvd. Austin, Texas. Although the majority of the services offered at this location are generally associated with the aesthetic appearance of women, Dr. Jennifer Walden also thought of the mental aspect of beauty and overall well-being. She recently began offering Bioidentical Hormone Replacement in the health and wellness sector. Dr. Walden along with her staff understand the vitality of hormones, especially as an individual begins to age. Bioidentical hormone therapy can aid an individual’s sexual-wellness and libido, bone-health and mental and brain function.

Dr. Walden is appropriately recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in America. However, she not only wants her clients to look their best, but also feel good about their appearance.