Fabletics-Affordable and Great Fashion

Fabletics has become a household name. The athleisure brand has grown gradually to become a major competitor with large companies such as Amazon, and it has wedged into a market dominated by these large corporations.


There’s a reason for that. When Kate Hudson realized that there were very limited options when it came to athleisure wear and that the prices were borderline insane, she decided to change that. She created one-of-a-kind workout wear that was fun, colorful, and best of all affordable. No more dreary blacks and gray and monochrome colors for anyone wanting to get in shape. Even celebrities such as Demi Lovato have taken notice and supports the brand.


Fabletics took its time and got to know their market before expanding at lightning speed. Their Lifestyle Quiz has proven to be an invaluable source of information of their customer base and has helped the company to provide personalized options as well as perfectly tailored wear to their clients. The monthly subscription is easy to use and very convenient, and it offers personalized service for an affordable monthly fee.


Kate Hudson may be better known as an actress and not as an entrepreneur, but her great attitude and eye for fashion have helped the company to expand successfully while keeping their current customers happy. She stays very involved with her company and keeps track of what is popular and what is not popular. She also makes a very good advocate for her product since she leads a busy and active lifestyle and she also wears her own athleisure brand.


Fabletics plans to keep expanding and opening additional physical stores. Thanks to the “reverse showrooming” technique that the company has used to grow and expand, about 30 to 50 percent of their in-store customers are already members of the monthly subscription with another 25 percent joining the Fabletics service. Customers do not have to browse and then shop elsewhere to get the best deal. Fabletics already offers the best of both worlds-unique designs and great prices that fit the budget. The subscription service offers convenience and style as well as personalized service that you just can’t get elsewhere.


What so many people like about the Fabletics brand is that it is not just about looking great, but it is about feeling great and being comfortable without having to shell out a ridiculous amount of money to really have it all.