GCW Reviews.


Matthew Fleeger“outstanding leaders in the oil and energy industry. Their staff is very forward-thinking, and everyone who works here has a great attitude.” This comment is among the many impressive Gulf Coast Western reviews posted by clients about Gulf Coast Western (GCW). GCW is a company specializing in acquiring and developing oil and gas reserves.

Founded by Matt Fleeger in 1970, GCW has provided its employees and clients with a life-changing opportunity. You get an exquisite environment to work in and an income that is a reflection of your input. Salaries at GCW range from $90,654 to $120,028, depending on factors such as skill, education, and department.

“Gulf Coast Western has been nothing but professional. I’ve loved working with them.” This statement sums up the many reviews by clients and companies partnering with GCW. Partnership is another avenue utilized by CEO Matthew Fleeger to bring growth and expansion to GCW. During his eight years at the helm, Fleeger has used his vast experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate structures, and joint ventures to add value and solidify investments.

Oil and gas is a very delicate industry. Working with individuals and equipping them with the necessary skills to foster growth and sustenance that reflect in our society should be of utmost importance; this is why GCW is involved in various philanthropies like cancer treatment and minimizing the severe social effects of Covid-19.

The various policies implemented by GCW have significantly strengthened the economy, benefited society, and given significant tax advantages to partnership investors. Through positive Gulf Coast Western reviews like transparency and creating open relationships, other areas with the capacity to develop oil and gas are welcoming Gulf Coast Western to explore the various opportunities that influence growth.

Matt FleegerGCW has a reputation for being accountable, respecting clients, and providing an environment that is beneficial to all the parties involved. This reputation is proven by the fact that more than 70% of partners have extended their partnership with GCW. Also, the Better Business Bureau has been giving GCW a 100% rating.