Greg Aziz: The Staunch Leadership Behind National Steel Car



Greg Aziz is one of the most prominent people in the business sector in Canada. He is currently the CEO of National Steel Car, which is one of the largest rolling stock producers in the entire country. The company is one of a kind and has a rich history to back it up. When National Steel Car first came into existence, it was the 1900s and railroads were one of the primary forms of transportation. Seeing this, National Industries, which was the parent company of National Steel Car decided to capitalize on this and make a name for themselves there. Many years later, and the company is still standing strong as one of the best in the business. When Greg Aziz was given the post of being the CEO of the business, he knew that there would be a lot riding on his shoulders. It would not just be National Steel Car, but the parent company and the future of the industry in his hands. The thousands of people working for National Steel Car would depend on him which is why being as efficient as he can be one of the most viable ways for Greg Aziz to get situated in the company as their CEO.


Greg Aziz has brought in numerous new plans and ideas for the development of the company. Being from a business background himself, Greg Aziz knows that many things need to be implemented to see constant development, which is the direction that he plans to head into. He is also set on helping the company expand beyond its reaches in Canada, and possibly to new locations in and around the United States. Even though the company is currently one of the biggest in Canada, Greg Aziz thinks that it does have the potential to go even further to become one of the largest in North America. Go To This Page for additional reads.


Greg Aziz initially used to work in the banking and finance sector. He moved to New York and started working on Wall Street which is where he met National Steel Car for the very first time. Greg Aziz soon became close with the company and started helping them in the numerous endeavors that they were taking on. Since he had such a good experience working with National Steel Car, he decided that he would go on and work for the company itself and eventually he did, making it to the top as their CEO.

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