Gregory Aziz Has Been A Breathe Of Fresh Air For the Company

Rail freight cars are uber important when it comes to shipping products and materials. Many people may not come into contact with rail freight cars, may not understand how important they are, or how important they have been. Trucks tend to be the most visible, sometimes. However, rail freight cars are still very important in transporting resources to where they need to go. Also, even with the advent of airplanes, trains are still very much in use for travel. Of course, somebody has to produce railway freight cars and rail cars. They don’t just pop out of nowhere. Somebody has to plan how to build them, manufacture them and send them out for use. National Steel Car is a company that does this.


National Steel Car has been in business since 1912. It was founded by several people who resided in Hamilton, Canada. National Steel Car participated in wars such as World War I and World War II by producing goods for the purposes of war. Dofasco bought the company over in 1962. Eventually, Dofasco sold the company to a man named Gregory Aziz in 1994. Greg Aziz has really been a breath of fresh air for the company. He has markedly increased the production and success of National Steel Car. His leadership contributed to job growth by providing thousands more jobs to people. He has also lead National Steel Car into various charitable causes, such as clothing and food drives. National Steel provides a fun get together for all of the employees at Christmastime, where they simultaneously engage in community services while having fun.



Gregory J. Aziz moves toward the future with an intense sense of determination and virtue. He believes that it is good to acknowledge the past, but not dwell on the past successes while neglecting present and future challenges. Greg Aziz, also known as James Aziz, also believes that quality is the most important thing, and that a very heavy focus should be put on quality. This is why under his leadership, the more immediate communities, as well as the world, are benefiting from the existence of National Steel Car. He created jobs, ran charitable events for poor people and upped the production and availability of train cars in the world. Visit This Page to learn more.



National Steel Car is open seven days a week, from 9 am to 5 pm. The company is located at 602 Kenilworth North Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8H 5L3. Their telephone number is (905)-544-3311.


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