Gregory Aziz; The Man With Great Vision In The Manufacturing Industry

The growth and success of any enterprise are determined by its ability to innovate and lay down efficient management strategies. The National Steel Car is one of the few companies that have demonstrated these qualities in business. The leadership of Gregory Aziz has served the company right over the years. The business leader holds the position of President and CEO in the manufacturing behemoth. Currently, National Steel Car is a renowned engineering firm with solutions that address the needs of railroad freight companies. The company’s primary offices are located in Ontario, Hamilton.


According to the biography on his official site, Greg James Aziz was born in London. He acquired his professional training in the Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario. Greg majored in economics. His professional background has played a significant role in his corporate duties.


Gregory Aziz made a debut into the corporate world by taking up a management role in his family’s business called Affiliated Foods. When he joined the enterprise in 1971, he came up with an ambitious plan of transforming the company. Within the few years he steered the company, Greg managed to turn the firm into one of the most acclaimed food company in the US. Affiliated Foods was a premiere importer of fresh foods supplies from Central Europe and South America. It distributed the food products throughout the US and parts of Eastern Canada.


When Gregory Aziz decided to leave Affiliated Foods, he joined the banking sector of New York. He gathered sufficient experience in the industry of financial services. In the early 1990s, Gregory Aziz began making the preparations for the purchase of National Steel Car from its owners, Dofasco. Gregory Aziz recognized the potential of National Steel Car and wanted to transform the firm into a leader in the engineering of railroad freight cars.


Currently, National Steel Car is at the apex of the Canadian manufacturing industry. The success of the firm is credited to the robust management and manufacturing strategies engineered by Gregory James Aziz. The enterprise has managed to up its manufacturing capacity and widened its clientele.


National Steel Car is ISO 9001:2008 accredited. Very few manufacturers in the world get to achieve this standard of certification in the manufacturing sector. Such a feat illustrates the capabilities of the company under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz.


Also, the National Steel Car is the recipient of TTX SECO Award, an honor that is befitted some of the most impactful enterprises in the Canadian corporate scene. The company has held this award since 1996. It is essential to recognize the role Greg Aziz has played in the success journey of National Steel Car.


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