Gregory Aziz’s success at National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the president of National Steel Car located in Ontario Canada. He was born in Ontario and gone through Ridley College and graduate with an economics degree from the University of Western Ontario. After his college education, he spends the next 16 years at the family business which distribute food on a wholesale level to Europe, central and South America. Greg later moved on from the family business and focused on investment banking for about ten years. Greg then purchased national steel from the Dofasco group and after that transforming it into the great company it is today. While developing the business, Aziz has maintained his core values in modern engineering, teamwork and investing in the best human capital.


Under the leadership of Gregory Aziz, National Steel Car has won the tender to make railcars for Saskatchewan’s Potash industry. The rails cars have been built different from the previous ones and personalized to hold the weight and density of potash. The CEO of Potash Corp has explained that the rail cars made will be suitable to transport the materials according to the set deadlines. The rail cars are necessary due to the new warehouses established by the company and the necessity to deliver Potash quickly and efficiently. In light of the recent development, Greg Aziz said the company has doubled the workforce and has invested massively in the cutting-edge technology.


In addition to Greg Aziz achievements, National Steel Car has partnered with horizon utilities to increase the efficiency of the company’s products. Horizon utilities aims at minimizing the energy costs at National Steel Car. The program will reduce carbon emission and foster more natural methods of energy production.

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National Steel Car has been in the engineering and the manufacturing scene for more than ten decades. The company deals with tank and railroad manufacturing in the North American market. The company has over the years built on quality manufacturing and efficiency. The company has maintained consistency through investing in current technology and looking improving on their past success. The company has received various certifications such as ISO 9001:2008 and the annual TTX SECO award for consistency.


Greg Aziz believes in giving back to the society and has been involved in various charities and philanthropic activities. He has supported the Hamilton community by funding Theater Aquarius, Hamilton opera, United Way and the Hamilton Salvation Army. Each year, the past and present employees of national steel participate in a Christmas party and food drives from the local financial institutions. Greg James Aziz and his wife also participate in the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.