Gregory James Aziz Impact on National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz was born and bred in London, Ontario. Gregory went to Ridley College and later graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Economics. Immediately after Gregory joined the family business, Affiliated Foods that dealt with wholesale foodstuff. It was the right decision to make as with his abilities the company was able to grow to become the number one food exporter from South and Central America as well as European markets. Gregory would later on travel to New York where he took up Investment banking before acquiring National Steel Car from Dofasco.



Currently, Greg J Aziz is the CEO, President and chairman of the board at National Steel Car, a top engineering, and manufacturing company dealing with railroad freight cars. With its headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario it has maintained to be top three among the leading manufacturers in Northern America. With Mr. Aziz at the helm of the company, it has seen significant growth for quite some time now and has continued to perform in its market. It produces thousands of new railroad freight cars thanks to their hard work and innovativeness. Click Here For Related Article.



National Steel Car was on a downward spiral when Greg Aziz decided to acquire it from Dofasco. His first order of business was to invest in capital and human resource to increase the manufacturing capacity of the company. He raised the workforce from 500 to 3000 employees, and the results were excellent. The production catapulted from 3500 to 12000 railroads annually. The company’s railroad freight cars have been the best in North America for 18 years in a row.



Greg Aziz is also a philanthropist, and he strives to improve the lives of the people of Hamilton. He sponsors one of the leading Agricultural fairs in Canada, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. He also sponsors some social and charitable organizations which include, The Hamilton Opera, The United Way and The Salvation Army amongst others. Mr. Aziz and family also support the equestrian sport. As he does all this, he continues to ensure National Steel Car is performing to its full potential in his role of leadership.

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