Health And Wellness Executive Bernardo Chua

Born in The Philippines, business executive Bernardo Chua received his education in Economics from Ateneo de Manila University, and from the University of California at Santa Barbara in the U.S. In his earlier years, he worked at a company called Gano Excel in his home country and helped expand the business to other locations such as Hong Kong, Canada and the U.S. Having worked in multi-level marketing for a great number of years, he eventually started his own business and later went on to co-found the health beverage company known as Organo Gold in 2008. Read more about Bernardo Chua on Caja Mediterraneo

Bernardo Chua, who is called Bernie by those who know him, had been interested in becoming a part of the health and wellness industry for years before he ventured out to become the co-founder and CEO of Organo Gold, which is now one of the world’s biggest producers of organic beverages and health supplements. The company’s name was changed to simply Organo back in 2015, due to the fact that although it had started out as just being a seller of instant coffee, it later added other beverages such as hot cocoa, tea and other health-related products.

Because of his many years as a successful network marketing leader, Bernardo Chua has received several business awards like the National Shopper’s Choice Award and the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. His business also won the Direct Sales of the Year Award five different times. The charismatic entrepreneur has profiles on the social media websites Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, and he uses those platforms to stay connected with his business associates and his friends. He has also made a number of motivational speeches and videos to instruct independent distributors of the Organo brand on how to market the products and grow their part of the business.

Organo products have an ingredient in them known as ganoderma, which is a certain type of mushroom that has a number of health benefits, some of which are, relieving stress, promoting energy and helping with sleep issues. The products can be purchased directly from the brand’s website, as well as from the company’s many independent distributors.

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