Healthkeeperz Pembroke

Healthkeeperz Pembroke is a social enterprise that offers health and wellness services. They offer their services for free to people in the Pembroke area, especially those who are uninsured or underinsured.

The company is running a campaign at the moment. They are looking to raise awareness of their services. According to them, they offer services such as health checkups and vaccinations, consumable medical supplies, home healthcare, and treatment of minor injuries. They have been around for two years now but still need more funding to expand their services and also to ensure that there are regular health checkups. The CEO is Rona Henry, who has worked with Healthkeeperz for about five years now. She is also the company director of the company. She wants people in Pembroke to have access to these services even if they do not have a permanent address here or do not have insurance.


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The campaign is part of the giving choices initiative. They are working in partnership with the Food Bank of Cambridge and North Dumfries. The community was made aware of this initiative in 2015 when Angela Bontrager spoke at a conference and shared her story. In her speech, she said that she had to teach herself how to live well with HIV after being diagnosed as HIV-positive.

They offer free services such as health checkups, supplies for home healthcare treatments, and treatment of minor injuries. They also have programs for seniors and prenatal care for pregnant mothers. The company is not-for-profit, as they rely on donations and grants to fund its services. They also have full-time staff and volunteers who provide these services. The volunteer program has been going on for over a year now, and they have 1,500 people registered. Learn more about Healthkeeperz services