Heath Ritenour Successfully Leading

Heath Ritenour learned while battling cancer that keeping an open mind is the best roadmap to success personally and professionally.

Heath’s father had build a company called the Insurance Company of America from the ground up. His father spent thirty years creating a business and taking his son under his wing to show him the ropes of the business. Only problem was Heath Ritenour did not want to take over the family business. He did admire his father’s work ethic within the business, and even interned at the business. While doing his internship he watched eight workers, and watched the way that they worked. He noticed that the ones that truly cared about their customers had a bigger impact on their clients. He knew that he could do this, and joined the company as the ninth agent. Once Heath Ritenour stopped doing the canned scripts he noticed that is when he started getting clients to work with. One of the struggles that he faced was being a young agent with veteran companies. He learned to use this to his advantage, and would bring this up to the companies. Stating that he would be able to go to bat for them and had many years with the company, so there would be no agent switch for many years. By being transparent with the companies they really appreciated him.

Most people would think that Heath Ritenour rose very quickly through the company ranks. This was definitely not the case. He had many cold calls when he first started, and looked at it as a next rather than failure. Throughout all his working within the company, he didn’t feel that the job as the owner was right for him. His father asked him to think about it. At the end of the day, Heath Ritenour realized that if he chose not to lead it would directly impact the 500 employees working at the company. This business was a family business, and if he didn’t take over that would mean all of these employees would no longer have a job. He accepted his position and knew he had all the training from his father he would need to be successful.

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