How Eterneva Helps Grieving People to Make Memories of their Loved Ones

Eterneva is a new business based in Austin, which packages ashes from cremated bodies into diamonds. It ejected 3 million dollars for its development. It has been in operation since 2017, when Garrett Ozar, Adelle Archer, and Eterneva founded it.

The firm makes diamonds using cremated ashes, which pass through intense heat and pressure. It is planning to use the funds for expanding the facility to cater to more customers at a time. There is an expectation the facility will commence production in 2022 and will be making around 75 diamonds per annum. Several investors who included some individuals did the company’s funding.

When Archer started it, he was mourning one of her closest friends who had just died. She decided to use processed diamonds to honor her friend’s life. According to Archer, the industry does not have the right methods to honor their departed loved ones. The company has grown since its inception and has employed 17 workers. In 2020, the firm acquired 1.2 million dollars from seed funding and used it for employing more people. It moved to a larger office in the south of Austin, including a lab for making the diamonds.

When making the diamonds, the firm first makes kits that customers use to put ashes from their loved one’s bodies. The process lasts between seven and ten months. During that time, customers receive monthly updates from the company in the form of videos and pictures. After the customers are satisfied with the final products, the firm delivers them to them. The diamond pricing ranges between 2,999 and 50,000 thousand dollars.

According to Archer, having the expanded facility will enable the firm to let customers participate in diamond’s processing. The company has also introduced online dedication pages as part of growth, which will create more customers. Archer believes that technology will help Eterneva provide its customers with different ways of grieving their loved ones and more so during the COVID-19 season.