How Gregory Aziz Has Established Himself As A Business Leader

National Steel Car is a Canadian firm is privately owned by Gregory James Aziz. It is internationally recognized as North America’s top manufacturer of rolling stocks. The company was bought by Greg Aziz in 1994 and has been under his management since then. His expertise as an administrator has enabled the firm to grow at a rapid rate. Greg holds the CEO and president positions at National Steel Car, which is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. The railroad steel car manufacturer has been in business for the past one century and is devoted to providing top-notch products.


National Steel Car was acquired as one of the subsidiaries of National Industries Inc., which is a company Greg Aziz chairs. The businessman has dedicated a lot of time and resources to transform the business into North America’s leading builder of rolling stocks. The firm’s principal clients were in Canada when it acquired by Aziz, but it currently aims at producing more railroad freight cars to serve the global market. He has performed well as its administrator since productivity increased from 3,500 to 12,500 cars per annum within his first five years of service. Gregory also enhanced the workforce of the firm by increasing the number of the employees from 500 to 3000 by 1999. A significant percentage of rail operators in North America use railroad freight cars that are offered by National Steel Car.


Before owning National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz worked for a food wholesaling company that is known as Affiliated Foods. The business was founded by his family, and it focused on selling fresh produce in Canada. Aziz joined it in 1976 and served as its administrator for about 16 years. He worked hard to grow the company’s market to the United States. Affiliated Foods also began importing products from South America and Europe. James Aziz quit his position at the firm in the late 1980s and started serving as an investment banker in New York. The businessman studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. Go To This Page for more information.



The residents of Hamilton, Ontario appreciate National Steel Car for its involvement in charity activities. The firm’s presence in the city has improved its economic status since it has offered job opportunities. It has given donations to organizations such as the United Way, Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, Hamilton Opera, and the Salvation Army. Gregory James Aziz has mobilized his staff to be part of the food drives in the city.