How Igor Cornelsen Makes The Most Of Both Investing And Social Media

Brazil is not only South America’s largest and most diverse country, it arguably spends more time in the spotlight than any other South American nation. Sometimes it’s in a very good way, such as with a booming economy and hosting a triumphant Olympic Games. Other times it’s not so positive, such as with a sinking economy, political scandal, crime, and viruses.

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But in spite of this country’s ups and downs, Igor Cornelsen believes that Brazil is a country with a strong and promising future in terms of both investing and business ventures. His advice? Be willing to work with Brazilians of all ages and all walks of life (he’s especially excited by the entrepreneurial spirit of Brazilian millennials), work with new governmental regulations, and understand how foreign currency restrictions work in this country. As the Brazilian Central Bank oversees this, these transactions can be tricky but profitable for those willing to work with red tape.


And why should international investors and businesses be both listening to and following Igor Cornelsen? Now retired and living in South Florida, he is a native Brazilian who spent his decades long financial career investing and managing huge sums of money for some of Brazil’s biggest banks. He has shared his investment and business savvy on an international basis as well. Since his retirement from Brazilian banking in 2010, Cornelsen has worked as proprietor and investment consultant for the Bainbridge Group Inc., helping clients find profit in acquiring damaged stock, which is more likely to reverse course than damaged companies.


In addition to providing investment assistance directly through the Bainbridge Group, Cornelsen has become something of an electronic investment mentor and guru. His comments, predictions, and advice have widely been quoted and reprinted online, and can be found on sites like PR Newswire,, and Flickr. And unlike others in his age set who have either disdained or been confused by social media, Cornelsen has embraced it, using platforms like Facebook not only to promote hobbies like his beloved golfing, but to offer investment tips to novices and veterans alike, especially concerning those in his beloved Brazil.

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