How SeaWorld National Park Saves Endangered Species from Extinction through the Management Efforts

SeaWorld is a national park in California that preserves and protects rare species of animals from being eliminated from the earth. The need to protect the animals for future generations motivates the commitment and efforts of preserving the various species of animals from extinction. SeaWorld national park facilitates global support and conservation efforts with other partners. It provides both technical and financial support under the able leadership provided by the management board of the Park.

The management at SeaWorld has provided the required strategic management initiatives that spearhead various initiatives to support and conserve the endangered species from extinction. Moreover, SeaWorld has scientific researchers who coordinate research efforts and collaborate with globally renowned scientific research centers and higher learning institutions. SeaWorld conducts research and publishes the findings in numerous peer-reviewed journals and articles to share their research outcomes with other researchers and other scientists that support wildlife worldwide.

The scientists employed by SeaWorld have researched rare species and published numerous journals that can be used by other scholars worldwide. Also, scientists at SeaWorld conduct their research on many animal species and use the same findings to educate and share knowledge with other scientists through publishing in journals, Television interviews, and movies.

Another significant milestone that management and scientists have achieved at SeaWorld is supporting killer whale research and conservation. The National fish and wildlife program operates the whale research and conservation program. Money allocation was set aside to cater for and support the program in terms of millions of dollars, and it is the largest donation that has ever been made towards such a program.

This program further protects the life of killer whales and prevents their extinction. The foundation in charge of the program works to increase the whales’ food supply and makes strategic research efforts for the conservation of killer whales. SeaWorld is committed towards protecting wild animals for future generations.

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