How Securus Technologies Makes Prisons Safer

The safer a prison, the better for inmates, visitors, corrections officers, and even the local residents. My job in the prison as a corrections officer is to try and keep things safe, but with more gang violence and the flood of drugs into the hands of the inmates makes this very challenging. Even with more officers on the job and stricter security measures, the inmates continue to take advantage of weakness and exploit the system any way they can. You have to understand, these inmates are in that jail 24-hours a day and are always looking for any way to exploit the system.


One of the areas where we increased our efforts to make the prison safer was at the visitor center. This is where we knew the inmates were getting their hands on contraband, we just were unable to stop it all. The inmates getting their hands on weapons, cellphones, and drugs, is dangerous for everyone inside the prison. Visitors could go to great lengths on the order of the inmates to bring certain things into the jail that the inmates need. Even things as innocent as a toothbrush or pen can be used in an attack to stab and severely injure another.


My staff had no idea how a simple replacement of the inmate telephone system was going to tighten things down even further. We were already using the call system in the prison to listen in on the inmate calls, but we had minimal results in our effort to locate contraband coming into their possession. This was not any ordinary call monitoring system, we were told that it would do the work of a dozen officers and allow us to focus much of our efforts in other areas that could help stop this growing problem.


When Securus Technologies was in the process of installing the new inmate call monitoring system in our prison, me and my fellow officers were trained to use the LBS software days later. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, says this system is built by his employee force of 1,000 who all strive towards the same goal, making the world safer for everyone. This Dallas-based company already has inmate call systems in 2,600 jails, so we knew it was going to make a difference, we just didn’t realize how quickly.


Days after learning to monitor the calls, we discovered information about inmates getting drugs and hiding them around the jail. One call tipped us off to which visitor was smuggling drugs to inmates, and another reveled which inmates were selling drugs. In a month we were able to uncover more issues with contraband than all of last year thanks to Securus Technologies.


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