How Securus Technologies Prevents Crimes From Happening In Prisons

Have you ever heard of the Securus Technologies?
It is a company provider of communication services and technologies for prisons, and they don’t only provide the telephone services but also invented a way for inmates to call their families using Apple and Android devices, favoring the communication and transparency. This practicality is their primary service goal, as they already serve more than 3,400 correction agencies to help control the law enforcement presence all across the US. Security is their central objective as well, allowing for firms that hire their services to monitor the environment better.
Last year, they published an article teeming with positive commentaries about how Securus Tech helped control and prevent crimes, including those that happen inside the jail between inmates. These analyses come from law enforcers, managers, and people that take care of the prisoners, among other staff.
Richard Smith, CEO, and Chairman of the company stated that once a week on average, the team develops a new technology that helps law enforcement and officials to prevent these crimes from happening. He concluded by saying that the focus on security is in the team’s DNA and they are honored to serve and receive such recognition, as they receive thousands of letters and positive feedback from customers and officials.
Among the positive feedback done by these clients, they emphasize how their security system has helped them catch a corrupted staff member that was helping contraband of products that were not allowed inside the facility. The transparency of searching through the phone calls in case of emergency also helped the staff of another agency to catch which inmates were consuming alcohol, drugs, as well as selling these to their partners inside the prison.
In conclusion, the technologies that Securus Tech provides to facilities in the US are regarded as the leading security communication products for prisons and correction offices. They offer investigative tools to help maintain a good relationship between the inmates.

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