How Ted Bauman Has Changed Lives

Ted Bauman is a highly skilled individual who has helped countless people throughout his career. He was born in Washington DC lived in Maryland, but moved to South America when he was still very young. It was in South America that he attended the University of Cape Town, earning his degrees in both history and economics. South America is also where he started his career, a career that lasted over 25 years, before he moved back to America to continue his work.

In South America, Ted Bauman’s career helped to create a large skill set that he has used throughout his life. A man focus for Ted Bauman in his career was being involved in low-cost housing. He spend a large portion of his career in South America as a fund major for low-cost housing. His work with Slum Dwellers Internationals led to almost 15 million people in 35 countries receiving help. His work in spanned from helping clients such as the South American Government, to the United Nations, who called on him for his knowledge and expertise in urban planning and the issues that surround it. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter.

In 2008, Ted Bauman relocated back to the United States where he took a pivotal role as Director for International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. After working for the organization for five years, he left in 2013 to advance his career in research and writing.

Today Ted Bauman uses his expansive knowledge to help his many readers. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing, where he is the Editorial Director. It is there that he writes The Bauman Letter, a monthly newsletter that aims to help his readers enhance their economic opportunities and offers some of his own solutions and to help improve their lives.

Ted Bauman has had a long and fulfilling career that has continued to have one purpose, to help. Whether he is helping millions of people through his work with other organizations, or helping individuals reading his newsletter, Ted Bauman has stayed consistent in his desire to provide answers and solutions to change things for the better.