Igor Cornelsen’s Extensive Career in Finance

As somebody who was born in Curitiba, Brazil, in 1947, Igor Cornelsen has been in the finance world in Brazil for many years. Much of this work has been in Rio de Janeiro, and his positions have varied between CEO and board member and analysts. Igor Cornelsen got his degree from the Federal University of Parana in 1970. The degree was in Economics, but he also had a background in engineering before this.

It was this experience with engineering which helped him to orchestrate financial calculations that helped his banks reach the top of their class. He started out as the Chief Executive Officer of Multibanco, which was the first bank that he started at after being a former board of director member. After that, Igor moved to one of Brazil’s biggest banks named Unibanco. Unfortunately, Unibanco got bought out in 1985 by Bank of America. So he use this opportunity to move to a new bank and worked at Libra Bank. View resume.com to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Libra was great, but ultimately when a position open that Standard Chartered Bank he jumped at the opportunity. Standard Chartered Bank is a long-standing bank operating in conjunction with the British for many years. Singapore was first established as a trade route to the east, but when the British took it over during their colonial expansion, Singapore became a great banking center and still remains one today. It is because of this that Igor Cornelsen decided to stay with Standard Charter for seven sweet years. Eventually, he took his experience in engineering and the various roles which he held at different financial institutions and started his own firm.

Igor is not always right in his trading decisions (like the time when he let go of his short positions in 2007), but ultimately he has a very good head on his shoulders and he stays neutral in his decisions. He listens to Reuters news above the opinions of others, and even when Russia defaulted its debt back in the day he correctly predicted how the markets would respond when none of his cohorts did. Read more: http://reporterexpert.com/brazilian-investment-star-igor-cornelsen-three-tips-help-retire-florida-just-like/