Investing in Crypto Currency with Ian King

Ian King is a renowned entrepreneur and crypto currency trader. He has over 20 years of experience in analyzing and trading in financial markets.

Ian draws his passion from his interest in crypto assets markets, and this has also made him one of the major Investopedia contributors on questions regarding this market. He started out his career at Saomon Brother as a desk clerk before moving to Citigroup’s credit derivatives department. He later on joined Peahi Capital as the head trader in charge of the trade options department.

Owing to his experience and expertise, Ian created an innovative program that assists investors in dealing with crypto assets, monero, lite coin, ripple and bit coin. As of 2017, he has joined the Banyan Hill Publishing to become a weekly contributor on crypto developments. He is also coming up with a crypto trading course that would assist his Banyan Hill readers to learn more on investment advisory.

As an expert in crypto currency, Ian King has observed that the crypto assets industry has ballooned over the last decade. As a result, he noticed that government and corporations are hiring more block chain experts to assist their institutions in integrating bit coin technology to existing businesses. As such, Ian has anticipated that middlemen will be done away with as the industry grows bigger. He also points out that investing in bit coin has become safer over the last two years even though the astronomical returns that were observed before this development are unlikely to repeat themselves.

In a bid to simplify trading for new investors, Ian takes note that different apps, such as Coin base, have been introduced to make it easier to buy or sell bit coins. He points this out by stating that out of the 30 million bit coin wallets available today, at least 1 million of those have more than $10,000 worth of bit cons. In addition, an extra 3 million wallets contain bit coins valued at $1,000.

Unlike other investments where early-stage investors get a big chunk of the returns, Ian says that the bit coin world levels the field for both old and new bit coin wallet holders. According to Ian King, Wall Street has started to get involved in this market, and other high-end companies like Goldman Sachs are launching a crypto trading desk in the near future.

Since bit coin is soon going mainstream, Ian has dedicated his time coaching new investors the potential of investing in this market. In his own words, Ian terms 2018 and beyond as the end of the beginning, which was full of fear and lack of knowledge.