Is QNET a Legit Direct Sales Company?

Various companies, such as QNET, operating through direct selling, have faced misguided allegations. Most people cannot separate between legit direct selling firms and Ponzi schemes. This has led to QNET among others getting themselves in fake allegations. With over 20 years of operation through direct selling, the company can be rated as a legal business.

You should distinguish between the traditional sales and direct sales models. The conventional model refers to the way customers usually go to a store or a shop, pick a product from the shelves, and then pay for it while exiting the store. The company operates just like online shopping, where customers make their orders on an online platform and products taken to doorsteps.

Additionally, other organizations use salespersons to notify potential customers of new products in the market and sometimes take orders to make deliveries. Direct selling entails trading with customers directly using online shopping or sales representatives and not stores or shops. QNET is a company that enables entrepreneurs to market and deliver quality products to potential customers.

The company has facilitated the tremendous growth of various young entrepreneurs in the market. QNET’s headquarter is based in Hong Kong and has extended its services to over 25 countries. It is a legit business where sales representatives have to work extra hard and increase sales to maximize their income.

The success level of any business is determined by the rate of hard work and commitment of workers. The company has received contracts from top organizations like the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and Sydney Olympic Games, where they have acted as official distributors authorized by the Olympic committee.

QNET’s operations run across every country except Saudi Arabia, which banned the whole marketing industry. The company abides with the country’s rules, including tax payment and taking part in community development projects.

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