James River Capital Corp Offers Advice on Leadership

James River Capital Corp is a Virginian-based company that was established in 1986 and is dedicated to providing investment advisory services to its clients in the US. It also offers investment management services, commodity trading, and various other related services. Initially, it was founded under the name KP Futures Management Corp as part of the investment arms of Kidder, Peabody & CO. In 1995, Paul Saunders with his partner Kevin Brand bought James River from Kidder and it began operating as an independent entity. Paul Saunders and his partner got the company registered by the Securities Exchange Commission as an Investment Advisor. By the beginning of the third quarter this year, James River Capital Corp was managing over $570 million.


James River Capital Corp offers insight on the changes that one could implement to improve their leadership style. It considers leadership as a form of art and science because it takes lots of skills to become an effective leader and a manager of a team. There are researches that have been made to determine the characteristics of effective leadership and they determined that one of the changes that could improve leadership style is offering support to the team and avoiding leading them.


It is an effective strategy that has also been utilized by leaders in big organizations such as Facebook. It starts with the leader making a mental shift not to focus on leading the team. The leaders at Facebook are committed to offering support to their teams instead of leading them. Shifting mentality from leading to supporting is capable of changing how one views their role as leaders. They start changing how they approach the interactions with team members. The smallest change could create a significant impact on improving a person’s leadership style. Even a single word uttered to a team member could be useful in changing a person’s leadership style.


The other change a leader should make to improve their leadership style is by encouraging and welcoming escalation. Studies show that at least 85% of workers avoiding giving critical feedback to their leaders. It happens in cases where they feel they might get in trouble for criticizing their bosses’ ideas. In a work environment where there is no transparency, there is usually limited innovation, teamwork and engagement with workers. A leader should cultivate psychological safety among their workers such that they are encouraged to air their opinions without hesitation.


Lastly, leaders should realize that everyone’s opinion matters. Every member of the team should have the opportunity to speak on the matter in discussion. The leader might consider creating a list of all the team members and check-marking against their name when they speak. They should also practice engaging those that are quieter during meetings. However, they should not be pushy, because they should be comfortable to offer their input. Learn more: https://vimeo.com/272365860