Jeunesse Creates Top-Tier Beauty Products

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, both longtime veterans of the health and beauty industry, created Jeunesse Global in 2009, they didn’t want to create just another run-of-the-mill direct marketing firm. The couple had been behind the explosive growth of dozens of businesses in the past. With Jeunesse, they wanted to create something truly unique that may serve as a sort of entrepreneurial magnum opus.

The wealthy couple had long ago achieved a level of prosperity that allowed them to live a lifestyle with essentially no restrictions. They did not need the money. What they did need was to feel that they were contributing positively to the good of the planet, helping people less fortunate than themselves achieve the same kind of success that they had been able to enjoy.

With this goal, they created Jeunesse. The purpose of the company was twofold. The first was to develop groundbreaking health and beauty products that would improve the lives of those consuming them. The second purpose of the enterprise was to create a business model from which people in less-advantaged countries could enjoy real opportunities to reach a state of prosperity.

Although both Ray and Lewis have a considerable optimistic streak in them, they are also battle-hardened business people who have clawed out what they have in the ruthless marketplace. The couple has real-world experience that told them going off half-cocked on some Sisyphean humanitarian mission could risk everything they have. For this reason, they decided to focus the marketing efforts of the company solely on East Asia and the Anglosphere. But it has been in East Asia, particularly, where the couple has focused efforts to sell the company’s business plan and recruit new distributors.

Throughout the region, the growth of Jeunesse has been astonishing. Within the company’s first year of operation, it had already recruited hundreds of full-time distributors. By 2015, Jeunesse had over 10,000 distributors, some of whom were earning seven-figure salaries with the company. In a region that has long suffered the poverty caused by communist regimes, the sudden windfall that Jeunesse has offered to distributors has been a blessing of the highest order.