Juan  Monteverde Can Show Aspiring Lawyers the Way to Success

Juan Monteverde is a noted practicing attorney in New York City. Recently, Monteverde started his own law firm. If a person is considering a career in law, it is important to learn from an experienced attorney like Juan Monteverde.

A good place to start a career in law is education. Juan Monteverde earned his undergraduate degree at California State University Northridge. It takes seven years of college to become a lawyer. Originally, Monteverde planned to be to have a career in finsnce. Although Monteverde got a B.S. in finance, he eventually decided to pursue law. While working part-time at a local law firm, Monteverde decided he wanted to be a lawyer. Experiencing a trial that was two-weeks long had concerned two landowners disputing a particular piece of land, cemented Monteverde’s interest in the legal profession.

Attending law school was a defining moment in Juan Monteverde’s law career because he knew he had found his calling. Monteverde graduated almost at the top of his class from St. Thomas University School of Law. Peers and professors praised Monteverde’s efforts. In law school, Monteverde was the editor of the college’s law review and served as President of Plead the Fifth, the school newspaper.

While in law school, Juan Monteverde was an associate to the legal team at Diaz Reus that is a local law firm known for its innovation and sophistication in arbitration and litigation. Some of Diaz Reus’ clients are members of Fortune 500’s top corporatations. Monteverde gained experience in law by defending some high-profile cases in government and commercial disputes.

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