Kevin Seawright Exudes Empowerment

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation. He is an industry leader when it comes to providing business, administrative and financial guidance. His expertise and professionalism have improved the financial capacity and future profitability of many. In fact, Kevin Seawright has continued to empower and inspire East Coast communities for well over 13 years.

Kevin Seawright is the driving force behind responsive accounting and financial methodologies. He is also an effective and goal-oriented leader with business acumen. He is a dedicated team player and proven team builder. Kevin Seawright is responsible for several new innovative business strategies as well new technological developments. His unique ability to reformulate new business strategies from existing economic and organizational goals has endured throughout the years.

Kevin Seawright’s leadership and innovative business strategies are responsible for the development of human resource alternatives for small business owners. Seawright has also received many successes on the personal, private and public level. Many people find him to be a reliable source of financial and business advice. People have even sought his quality leadership skills and advice through social media accounts like Twitter.

Kevin Seawright empowers local communities through various programs and partnerships. In 2016 he partnered with organizations, including TD Bank and Santander Bank, for the benefit of Newark youth. Kevin Seawright’s partnership enabled local youth to find minimum wage paying summer jobs. The goal of this partnership was to increase summer job availability by 17% and ensure the future success of Newark area youth.

Kevin Seawright’s dedication to the Summer Youth Employment Plan empowered local youth to gain familiarity with the local workforce while enhancing college graduation rates. The youth received college readiness plans, financial literacy courses, training and lectures during the six-week program. The program was a success because of Kevin Seawright’s eagerness to pursue new avenues of growth and empowerment. Kevin Seawright has also empowered others through programs designed to provide affordable housing solutions as well. Kevin Seawright will always be known as an empowering leader with a clear vision and commitment to goal completion.