Kevin Seawright Is Currently Opening Up Baltimore’s Housing Market For More Buyers

Kevin Seawright is looking to tackle challenges facing Baltimore’s housing prices and helping level the market so that more people can start buying better homes and improving the communities. That’s why he formed RPS Solutions, Inc. not long ago so that he could form partnerships between Baltimore city agencies, non-profit home buyer groups and real estate firms to help new buyers find affordable homes. Seawright brings years of accounting and urban planning expertise to this company and as a man whose traveled throughout minority communities and has spent most of his life working to bring in change, RPS Solutions is a huge part of how he hopes to accomplish this. Already Baltimore residents who before never had the chance to own a home, have expressed joy on how Seawright’s company helped them finance and own renovated homes. Read: Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions Teams Up With Christ Haven Pentecostal Church For Christmas Toy Drive

Kevin Seawright’s professional career spans over 20 years and it began in the Baltimore city offices before he transitioned into more of a private sector role. Much of his work has entailed managing city budgets, allocating public investments, managing construction and redevelopment projects, advising on public administration tasks and executing public works projects. He started out overseeing facility management and maintenance operations for Baltimore’s public parks, and then moving into an executive position as Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the city’s council and Superintendent of the public schools. Seawright started bringing improvements into the city’s operations by introducing CitiStat, a software that used deep data analysis and notified public officials including the mayor which areas of the city needed to be addressed. Read more about Kevin SeaWright at

Kevin Seawright transitioned into the private sector around 2011 when Baltimore mayoral candidate Otis Rolley fell short in his election bid, and Seawright had served as his campaign director. For several years he helped budget and finance commercial developments across Washington D.C. for Tito Contractors. Seawright traveled up to Newark, NJ in 2014 when he was asked to serve as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of the Community Economic Development Corporation, an organization that’s addressed underdeveloped downtown areas of Newark. He stayed on there a couple years until returning to Baltimore. Seawright is a former advisor to the Babe Ruth Museum’s board of directors, and in his spare time he coaches youth sports teams. See more of Kevin Seawright at Crunchbase