Kevin Seawright, the humanitarian of the new age

Kevin a man whose name echoes loud in all of Baltimore’s financial halls has been for over a decade working himself to the finger bone to ensure equality and comfort to residents by making it possible for them to access affordable home-buying opportunities. For instance, most of his Facebook and other social media platform posts always revolve around enriching community members by offering better housing facilities at affordable costs. He also provides effective strategies on Twitter and shares his vision with the world on how not only him but also other individuals can make Baltimore and other areas flourish. This he makes possible by coming into partnerships with other prominent real estate facilities such as the National community. Visit for more info.

His success in doing so has further been attributed by the fact that he has served a string of public offices in Baltimore for a decade offering him leverage as he can easily influence other renowned real estate bodies to join him in his quest to make affordable housing a reality. Kevin Seawright who is the founder of RPS solutions is also the executive vice president and CFO of Newark community economic development positions that have further helped him achieve his mission of bettering the lives of those in the society around him. Through those roles, he has been able to not only enrich the lives of community members by offering them access to affordable housing but also ensuring that investors join in Baltimore’s real estate sector by creating a favorable business environment.

Kevin Seawright’s financial prowess can be attributed to the fact that he boasts a lucrative academic and career resume. For instance, his career spans over and a decade and a half as he first stepped into the world of finance in 2002 when he was put in charge of Baltimore’s housing department as the fiancé director. He served this position for two years and later made a transition to recreation and parks for two years. In a bid to serve the residents better, Kevin enrolled in Rockland and later Alameda University where he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in accounting respectively. Since then he has never looked back and has been championing for better lives through the various positions that he has served. Kevin is undoubtedly one of a kind and a philanthropist of the new age.

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