Krishen Iyer Remarkable Success in the Insurance Industry

Krishen Iyer is the founder of MAIS consulting, a consulting company based in Encinitas. He grew up in California and later joined the San Diego State University, where he earned his degree in public administration. Krishen Iyer began his professional journey by founding an insurance company by the name MNP insurance. The company saw a remarkable group and was listed among the top 5000 companies by Inc. in 2015.

After Krishen Iyer established MNP, he founded MBS, which stands for Managed Benefit Services. Iyer was also the Chief Executive Officer of the company. MBS works hand in hand with clients to help them establish leads for their businesses.

Managed Benefit Services is a marketing and insurance agency that is licensed. The company uses an analytical approach to generate leads with a higher probability of becoming customers to a client. Even when a client targets a small market, MBS provides market leads that maximize sales.

Krishen Iyer serves as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MAIS Consulting, a consulting company that assists businesses in marketing, growth, and contracting, among other services. He is committed to constantly finding new ways of improving his firm and provide quality services to his clients that surpass their expectations. Krishen Iyer schedules his meetings with clients at the start of the day so that he may spend the rest of the day formulating ways of solving his client’s needs. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Krishen Iyer is also involved in various philanthropic activities in the community.