Loretta Kryshak’s Rebel Reform Donates Facemasks in Milwaukee residents

Loretta Kryshak and their family business, Rebel Reform Converting, have opted to provide facemasks to Milwaukee residents. The company decided to produce masks, although it majors in manufacturing wipes. One of the founders of the initiative is their son, Thaddeus. He has a degree in both physics and engineering. Therefore, he realized that the material used to make wipes could make facemasks, specifically the N95 facemasks. As a result, they opted to make face masks to help the needy in the city.

Loretta Kryshak and the family business started to supply facemasks in Milwaukee but have extended their operations to other states like Florida and Texas. The aim was to make 2.5 million facemasks. However, they have surpassed this target and have produced more by 1.5 million. It was such a good initiative that the family-run company received recognition from various companies and organizations. One of the significant recognitions they received was the Gwen T. Jackson Award by United Way. It congratulated them for the excellent work they did to cope up with the coronavirus pandemic. 

Also, Loretta Kryshak has received partnership requests. Many companies within Milwaukee requested to take part in the excellent initiative to help people during the pandemic. However, the company doesn’t need donations. They work independently and would only work with a company with shared interests. As such, it has partnered with various organizations that have volunteered to supply the masks. It was a pandemic, and standing voters were provided with masks to protect themselves. Also, the Medical College of Wisconsin was responsible for the distribution of more than 300,000 facemasks to underserved communities and first responders. Too see the latest activities by Rebel Reform, visit https://www.crunchbase.com/person/loretta-kryshak