Louis Chenevert’s Professional Success at UTC

The great options trader Nassim Taleb claimed that in business, more of it has to do with randomness. We shouldn’t put all our life savings in it because that would be costly. This is something that most people seem to ignore. The good thing about CEO Louis Chenevert is that he probably agrees with Nassim Taleb. With his contribution to UTC to become a global force it is safe to say that Louis Chenevert is humble enough to admit that most of his wild success has a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time.

The United Technologies Corporation Legacy

There’s so much sustained growth, impressive revenue and scaling success that UTC has experienced, and it is probably because of the various efforts of Louis Chenevert to do his work for the company. First of all, during his time in the company, he was able to make sure that there’s a lot of investment in various innovations for the company. He’s not tunneling. He’s not over-relying on one investment but instead diversified himself to multiple methods and strategies. Doing so means that the long-term goals are guaranteed, and are not being gamed just so to meet the demands of the current evaluation board.

We can also say here that another contribution of Mr. Louis is how he was able to deliver measurable results. He’s no charlatan. He’s no short-cut maker and cheater who blurs the actual results just to impress the superiors. What he does is honest and excellent old service with Skin in The Game, or at least that’s what the records show at face value.

Willingness to Invest in Technology

It can’t also be denied that the success of Mr. Louis has a lot to do with wise and varied investments. His vision was to make sure there’s a lot of baskets to catch luck and to be a president that uses the driving force of the U.S. economy as its secret engine. Another good variety of the strategies that Louis employs is the fact that he hires a varied set of employees to make sure that he gathers a variety of ideas. Doing so has resulted in a growth of the United Technologies Corporation and to generate more jobs and new young employees.