Luke Lazarus Consulting

Luke Lazarus is a business consultant and entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience in the IT industry.

He has experienced many projects, ranging from start-up successes to highly complex and legacy systems.

He enjoys playing guitar, cycling, and reading books in his spare time.

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Lazarus is a consultant who assists business owners and businesses looking to make positive changes.

If you have a business issue or problem that needs solving, please get in touch with him.

He offers consultations on change management, branding, new product strategy, and sales process optimization, i.e., sales funnel design, lead generation strategies, playbooks, business process design, etc.

He has trained hundreds of professionals in Australia and worldwide in sales skills training courses such as Close Sales Training.

He also runs a popular blogging website at which features blogs on sales skills training, business strategy, marketing genius tactics, productivity, motivation, etc.

Luke Lazarus Consulting services

Over 600 businesses have used Luke Lazarus Consulting.

They have seen outstanding results in their business, their results are sustainable, but explosive growth was seen immediately after the consulting session.

From start-ups to multi-million-dollar companies, they have achieved extraordinary growth.

Lazarus helps businesses solve problems and reach their goals through process-driven problem-solving and business issue analysis.


Luke Lazarus Consulting has experience setting up, running, and growing corporate businesses in Australia.

It has given Lazarus the expertise and knowledge to help companies achieve their goals.

He has a BS degree with majors in Accounting and Economics from Southern Cross University, South Africa.

He is an ACMA Chartered Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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